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JukeBox Canal Electro Rock - Fevereiro 01 (2016)

JukeBox Canal Electro Rock é a seção do Canal Electro Rock News, onde o editor sugere algumas de suas bandas preferidas...

FlowersdomusicPull My Arm
King No-OneSay My Name
Veruca SaltLaughing In The Sugar Bowl
FlowersdomusicFlowers - Bitter Pill
SchoolOfSevenBellsSchool of Seven Bells - Ablaze
November LightsOn Your Side
Lucy and the RatsLose My Mind
End of the EchoSlow Unwind
Birds Are Indie01. Partners In Crime (single)
THE SPIRESDreamconfusion
mermaidensUnder The Mountain II
Twin Peaks DudesTwin Peaks - Walk To The One You Love
Domino Record CoPorches - Car
Lê AlmeidaMaré
The AmbitionNext To You
BURGER RECORDSWhite Fang - Wrecked
BURGER RECORDSUnkle Funkle - Magic Woman
Beauty SleepThe Dark
Tangerine BandSunset
islandsareforeverIslands - Back Into It
Lostchild (UK)Kind To Me
A Saner WorldFear Starts To Falter
No WonderCarmé Leone
Radical FaceSecrets (Cellar Door)
The Magic GangFeeling Better
RivvrsHOLD ON (Re-imagined)
The Unknown NeighbourUnconditional Love
Small FishGuardian (( NEW SONG ))
Henrique BadkeAntonella Toma Pilulas
Good BoyTransparency
DON'T WORRYChester Drawers
SchoolOfSevenBellsSchool of Seven Bells - On My Heart
lolipoprecordsBEACH BUMS - "My Turn"
The Bell WeathersAll Eyes
Fort FrancesBuilding A Wall
Jaqueline CaproniThe Apache Relay - Home Is Not Places
Equal Idiots02 Salmon Pink
The ClauseShut Me Out - The Clause
New ShackAirplane - Single
POP ETCYour Heart Is A Weapon
The VoltsYou'll Get Yours
East LoveLittle Less
Million Little GodsTired Bones
Steve B's Dreamy EyesSteve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes - Desire
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