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JukeBox Canal Electro Rock - July 01 (2016)

JukeBox Canal Electro Rock é a seção do Canal Electro Rock News, onde o editor sugere algumas de suas bandas preferidas...

Howlin Banana RecordsTravel Check - Druggy Daddy
SeafangMotorcycle Song
Cult NationCharlotte Cardin - Faufile
hardlyartrecordsTacocat - "I Live For The Sun (The Sunrays cover)"
Bella UnionEzra Furman - Teddy I'm Ready
Native PeopleCall Me
Edson CodenisThe Modem - No Devotion V. 1.0
Polyvinyl RecordsKaty Goodman & Greta Morgan - Bastards of Young (The Replacements)
huonkindEasy For You
Beech ComaHoly Now - Wake Up
fear of missing out rcrdsBasement Revolver - Words
PantheonBleu Clair - Hang Loose
NewmoonbandHead Of Stone
High Intensity RecordsUmpire - The View feat. Bowen & Aentric (Out Now)
lolademoThe Wave - lola demo does Gelow Foster
WestermanMother Song
Kiara NelsonKiara Nelson - Cool My Rush
Dutch Criminal RecordOn The Fence
Dakota BlueThe State Of Things
Name the BandFLASH FLOOD
BeaucratLucretia (Sisters of Mercy)
Bernaccia MusicBernaccia - War Cry (Radio Edit)
Os GarbonasChina Rolera
Nowadays RecordsAwir Leon - Sitting So High
Secretly CanadianAlex Cameron - Take Care Of Business
Asian Man RecordsKITTY KAT FAN CLUB - "Mondays Are Better Than Tuesdays"
SuperjavaGone Away
NARCSEmpathy The Dog
Gypsy & The CatLife
Death In The AfternoonGood Enough
beko disquesTerry Vs. Tori - Hit And Miss
Franklin FelipeSerenity
Chà de FlorSuor
Escândalo FônicoMe larga
collapse_jp04 RIP
MisunPRIDE produced by Mike Moximum
Husband Material x xWhen You Sleep
Fire TalkEarring - Dark Heart
DantevillesPerfect Place
Sarah WalkKeep On Dreaming
Golden FableComatose
YukoWalk This Land
GUI PAGLIARINosso Próprio Tempo
Nine Mile RecordsPatrick Sweany - Them Shoes
The Pale WhiteLet You Down
Sub PopClipping. - Wriggle

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